Getting Your Look ‘Just Right’ As A Female Restaurant Manager

Here are few useful makeup, style and beauty advice for a female restaurant manager

Being in management and being female can be a match made in heaven. That being said, you need to know how to use your femininity, as well as your position as a manager, in a way that will increase your value to the company you work for. Let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks based on latest Avon catalog to getting it ‘just right’ as a female restaurant manager.

Don’t Hide Your Femininity

One trap which many female managers, not just those who run restaurants, fall into, is feeling that they need to hide their femininity. It can be all too easy to think that being a female will somehow put you at a disadvantage as to how people view you. Do not allow yourself to be fooled into adopting this attitude. Your femininity is one of your strongest tools as a manager. How can you embrace this wonderful part of the individual who makes up you?

Your Style

Of course, depending on the restaurant which you work for, there may be a set dress code or general style which must be adhered to. However, if this is not the case, what type of style should you adopt?

In a few words, it is all about getting a balance. A dark trouser suit may seem like a good option, however, will this flatter your femininity? Now we are certainly not saying there is anything wrong with trouser suits here, why you will likely find some rather attractive choices in your local shops, but keep a feminine focus when you are making your choice.

Pastel colors prove ideal opinions for a female manager. In fact, combining a business style suit with a feminine pastel shade can help you nail that balance we were talking about earlier.

Your Beauty Look

How about your hair and makeup? Should you resemble a girls night out or a lazy Saturday morning? You don’t want to resemble either! Makeup and hair should be tasteful, yet attractive as displayed in the new Avon Catalog. Aim for a look that appeals to the eye, yet doesn’t attract undue attention or comment. The last thing you want is diners at the restaurant leaving with a bigger impression of your make-up look than the well-prepared food they enjoyed!

Now that we have a clearer understanding of the importance of allowing our femininity to shine through in a restaurant manager role, it is time to turn our attention to another essential aspect of getting it ‘just right’.

Remember You’re Going To Be On Your Feet!

Being a restaurant manager isn’t just about looking feminine and pretty, it involves a lot of hard work too. Hobbling across the restaurant floor in a pair of killer heels and needing to run to the ladies every ten minutes to check your intricate hair-do isn’t going to leave a good impression with diners. Let’s have a look at what you need to do.

Your Style

Opt for an outfit that matches our description above, yet is comfortable to wear and doesn’t crease easily. This may require a little time and effort in the changing rooms to find an outfit that ticks both boxes.

Your Beauty Look

According to the new Avon Catalog, opt for make up that is long wearing, this will avoid the need to continually check yourself to ensure you still look presentable. Also, since a restaurant manager is constantly around food, long hair should be styled away from your face in an attractive, yet professional style.

Certainly, being a female restaurant manager is a great role to enjoy. Getting your style and beauty look ‘just right’ doesn’t need to be too difficult a task. By following these tips and tricks from the new beauty catalog above you should be well on your way to looking the part.

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